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The Motorcycle Views Web site contains original articles and features about motorcycles and motorcycling. Information is provided on most motorcycle makes and models. You'll also find plenty of pictures. Salvage yards are listed. All motorcycle recalls are available. Seat heights from lowest to highest are provided. You'll find out how motorcycles work. How-Tos are provided to assist you in learning riding techniques and maintaining your bike. We have quizzes, puzzles, haiku poetry written by fellow riders, and wild motorcycle tales. Want to see what motorcycle ads looked like in the early years? We have many antique ads. Thinking of a rally? We list the major rallies and review some in feature articles. There are articles on how to get started riding. Take a look at my six books: Getting Started Riding a Motorcycle, 50 Wild Motorcycle Tales, Motorcycle Haiku Poetry, Motorcycle Kick-Starts, Normal Secrets - a memoir, and 50 MORE Wild Motorcycle Tales There's also a list of motorcycle terms. Motorcycle books are recommended and reviewed. Have fun on the site.

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My Book, 50 Wild Motorcycle Tales
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